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100-0015 Federal Industries SN-6CD-SS 6’ Display Case


    • Four-point leveling system.
    • All welded base construction with a choice of six standard laminates on base. Other color laminates optional.
    • Easily accessible control panel with main power switch, light switch, digital thermometer, and adjustable temperature control.
    • Neutral beige acrylic PVC trim.
    • White display deck.
    • Condensate evaporator provided for a totally self-contained system.
    • Average case temperature of 38° to 40° F is maintained.
    • Pull-out condensing unit for quick and easy service.
    • Rear wrapping work area.
    • Octron top light shield.

    * Package Shelf
    * Special Base Finish
    * Step Pan Holder or Riser
    * Gold Tone Trim
    * Legs
    * Casters (Self-Contained Models Only)
    * Light Below Package Shelf
    * Remote Refrigeration

    Dimensions: 72 ¼” L x 41” W x 34” H