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100-0050 Federal Industries 8’ Curved Deli Case

  • Adjustable stainless steel mezzanine shelf. In the four- and six-foot models, one full-length shelf is provided. The eight-foot model comes with two four-foot shelves.

    Thermopane curved front safety glass and glass ends.

    Aluminum deck with zinc-plated racks.

    All welded base construction with a choice of six standard laminates. Other finishes optional.

    Satin finish stainless steel and aluminum trim. Brass and gold tone optional.

    Rear wrapping board.

    Condensate evaporator for a totally self-contained system.

    Removable rear glass horizontal sliding, thermopane service doors, mezzanine shelf, light, and brackets.

    Top mounted lights and light below mezzanine shelf.

    Over-sized evaporator and low-velocity fan system maintains high humidity and product freshness.

    Average case temperature of 36° to 38° F.

    A plug-in appliance receptacle is provided on back of case for a cash register, scale, or slicer.

    Easily accessible light control and adjustable temperature control.

    Rear access to refrigeration system for quick and easy service.

    Sloped rear doors for better product access.

    Dimensions: 98"L x 40 1/4"W x 54"H

    Also available in black painted trim. Designed for continuous case line up.