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Customer is responsible for freight charges. Please note: if you would like to place an order, please call or email.  Orders cannot be properly processed on this site. Thank you.

101-0039 Hill Phoenix OGM 12 Foot Remote Full Service Meat Cooler

  • 12 Foot Wide Cases.

    Fully refurbished

    Polish all stainless steel exterior and interior, stainless steel floors.

    Recoat wire racks.

    Recoat front and rear low front in Customer Color Provide and install new black 1” nose bumper.

    2 new end panels with stainless steel inside. Add $1,900.

    Check all coils and Pump coils with 150 PSI dry nitrogen to check for leaks.

    All electrical checked including lights and fans.

    Includes used expansion valves Includes used LED lights. Refurbished rear sliding doors.

    Includes new front and rear glass.

    *Please note price reflects per foot*

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