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134-0011 Bakers Pride GP-51 Countertop Pizza Oven - Single Deck

  • Imitating the results of stone hearth pizza cooking, the Bakers Pride GP-51 HearthBake pizza deck oven features two aluminized steel baking chambers, each with their own Cordierite ceramic deck. This type of deck absorbs moisture and gives pizzas crispy crusts. The rest of the unit is constructed of stainless steel, which is durable and supports cleaning.

    Mounted on the front, the hinged control valve access panel is user-accessible and includes a pilot safety gas regulator. The energy-efficient modulating thermostat controls temperature in a range between 300 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit. This Bakers Pride GP-51 countertop oven is supported by 4-inch, adjustable legs plated with chrome.

    Manufacturer      Bakers Pride, Gas Type        NG, Heat   Gas

    Number of Levels         2, Use        Multi-Purpose

    Series        HearthBake Series, Product Countertop Pizza Ovens

    Product Type      Cooking Equipment, No. of Compartments      1

    Weight       414.00