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140-0011 Erika Record 11/30 Semi-Automatic Dough Rounder Divider

  • 2005

    • Offers superior rounding, durability and increased production
    • Simply insert your rounding plate with dough into the machine
    • Pull the pressure handle to evenly press the dough
    • Next, divide your dough into equal portions by releasing the cutting handle
    • Lastly, push the rounding handle to form perfectly round dough balls
    • One sanitary rounding plate is included
    • 4,500 - 7,500 pieces/hour
    • 1-4oz range
    • Load Capacity of 2.3-9 lbs (1.04-4.08kg)
    • Rounding mechanism runs in oil bath for absolutely smooth, quiet and long-lasting operation
    • Sanitary cutting knives
    • No oil in or above product zone
    • Pressure can be determined by the operator
    • Easy weight adjustment
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Double bearing rounding plate drive-train
    • Head covers are made of thermoplastic material
    • Head can be tilted for easy cleaning
    • Easy to remove dough entrapment ring
    • Teflon coated knife head assembly
    • Sturdy cast iron construction

    Cleaned and tested to be in working condition.

    Please note, we do not ship these with oil. You will need to add oil once machine arrives.