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140-0026 Revent 624 Double Rack Gas Oven

  • Revent TCC system airflow design allows horizontal and vertical air flow and volume adjustment

    Revent HVS system offers greatest surface area for steam generation

    High mass for maximum heat retention

    Gelatinization optimized for crust formation

    Revent LID system provides overlapping layers of high density insulation

    Compact cross line heat exchanger

    Counterbalanced overhead rack lifting device is maintenance-free and sanitation-free

    Flush floor offers smooth access for operator and fragile products

    Zero inch clearance back and sides

    Computer Control

    208v/3ph/20 amp

    Natural Gas: Indirect fired 1" drop to 3/4" NPT Connection 309K BTU

    Overall dimensions: 98"H x 80"W x 70"D

    Includes 2 Single Racks.

    Tested to be in good working condition