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140-0061 Dutchess JN-3 Semi-Automatic Dough Rounder Divider

  • Interchangeable head assemblies in either 36,18, 9 or 6-part divisions

    Fast accurate scaling and rounding of dough in weights ranging from 1 ounce up to 26 ounces each piece

    36-part = 1 - 2-3/4 ounces each (This is the current unit)

    18-part = 2 - 7 ounces each

    9-part = 7 - 18 ounces each

    6-part = 18 - 26 ounces each

    When removed for cleaning or interchange (no tools required), the entire head assembly can be placed into a sink or dishwasher for complete cleaning to a sanitary operating condition in just minutes

    per day.

    Capable of dividing and rounding many types of Yeast Raised Dough including Bread & Bun dough, Tortilla & Pizza dough.

    Simple to operate - learn in just minutes

    208v / 60hz / 3-phase, 3/4 hp motor, 10 amps

    Tested to be in good working condition