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Customer is responsible for freight charges. Please note: if you would like to place an order, please call or email.  Orders cannot be properly processed on this site. Thank you.

140-0111 Citrocasa 8000XB Automatic High Volume Juicer

  • Staff-operation at 40 fruit/minute.

    Convenient juice tank for high-volume juicing and pre-bottling.

    Patented SCS Up&Down dynamic knife delivers precise fruit cuts, reduces peel oil, and yields sweeter-tasting juice.

    Fruit Type: Citrus fruit.

    Fruit size, Standard Pressing: 2.55-3.14 in

    Juicing Modes: Continuous / Programmed / Manual release tap and juice tank.

    *Photo is for example purposes only*

    Will be cleaned and tested to be in good working condition.

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