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140-0113 Bizerba GSP HD 13" Automatic Deli/Cheese Slicer

  • Emotion intelligent motor control, motor adapts its performance to the resistance of the product, 1/2 HP+

    Blade speed: 255 r.p.m.

    3-Speed, semi-automatic drive system

    3-Stroke Lengths: long, medium, and short

    Food Fence holds product in place during automatic slicing, included

    Debris Deflector mounted on backside of blade is permanently mounted and held in place with magnet, included

    Rear mounted, heavy-weighted lift arm, handle and remnant holder, included

    Unique carriage-shifting design allows for the smallest end pieces, increased product yield

    11.4" wide product carriage for increased capacity

    Heavy-duty, 3 lb. blade knife cover

    Precision machined pencil-point-groves on gauge plate, blade cover and carriage to reduce friction, for better looking product

    No-volt release

    Shut off in slice thickness knob

    Adjustable blade shut off settings: 15, 30, 45 seconds or off

    Carriage and gauge plate lock during the cleaning process

    Forced start with slice thickness knob below zero

    3.5"W x 9.13"H x 2.6"D or 5.8"W x 11.25"H x 2.6" D thumb guard wall for maximum protection

    360° blade enclosure, no exposed top gaps in permanent ring guard

    Tested to be in good working condition

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