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142-0197 Amtekco 8′ Drawer Warmer Stainless Steel Work Table

  • Model: C/C AA0222-01-77A.

    This case came out of a local large chain grocery store that remodeled. The service side has a double drawer remote refrigeration. This case does not have a compressor / condensing unit. It’s a remote case so you’ll need your own compressor / condensing unit to use these two drawers as refrigerated. Generally you would tie into the rack compressor that runs a grocery or provide your own condensing unit. The middle cabinet doors have access to the refrigeration hook up, power hook up etc. The left side has a single Hatco drawer warmer.

    Dimensions: 96 1/4″ wide x 41 3/8″ deep x 36 1/2″ tall

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