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143-0001 Wiesheu Bake Station-2 Ovens, Proofer, and Steamer

  • Bake Station consists of 2) EBO68L Deck Ovens COMFORT 208v 60Hz, 1) GS68M EBO Proofer, and 1) Steam Reducer 68-X0468. Oven features door with cleaning position that makes it easy to clean both sides of door, extra large glass door viewing area, excellent results by top/bottom heat, precisely controlled steaming and nonstick stone baking slab, VERY EASY TO USE through intelligent glaspanel control units, VERY COST EFFECTIVE due to maximum energy efficiency and maximum reliability. Steam Generator the high pressure conveys the steam into the baking chamber very quickly and creates an ideal climate for all baked goods.

    Made in Germany.

    Ovens also available separately in pairs: $9,891.

    Proofer sold separately: $2,009

    Steam Reducer sold separately: $1,369

    Stand sold separately: $879 (not shown)