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Customer is responsible for freight charges. Please note: if you would like to place an order, please call or email.  Orders cannot be properly processed on this site. Thank you.

146-0005 SL120LB Overturnable Bowl, Spiral Mixer

  • Sturdy, reliable, and profesisonal overturnable spiral mixers, feature duel motors, and the ability to discharge anywhere from 80-300kg of dough at various heights. Whether it be into a hopper, a table, assembly line operation, or another mixer, our overturnable mixers can satisfy your need!

    • Silverline Spiral Mixer Overturnable (265 lbs. max capacity)
    • Discharge height 49″
    • 208-240/60/3
    • Mixer is equipped with built in lifter for lifting and discharging of mixed products
    • Tilt to left or right (must specify when ordering)
    • Stainless steel bowl
    • Spiral dough hook and shaft
    • Separate bowl and agitator motors
    • Has 2 speeds and reverse function
    • Control board has separate timers for 1st and 2nd speed
    • Safety switches protect operator from injury if bowl lid is open
    • Powerful belt drive provides low vibration, low noise and economical maintenance for years of reliable service
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