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152-0156 Cres Cor 121PH Heating and Proofing Cabinet

  • Manufactured 2014.

    Non Insulated.

    Wire angle ledge pan supports hold 18″ x 26″ or 12″ x 20″ pans on 3″ centers.

    2000-Watt cabinet holds foods at up to 180°F.; proofing with 960 Watts allows for temperatures of 80°F. (26.5°C) to 95°F., with relative humidity of 95%.

    Slanted control panel has easy-to-read thermometer; entire power assembly removable for cleaning and maintenance.

    Controls accessible without opening door; allows adjustment without interrupting process.

    Tested to be in good working condition.

    Dimensions: 25” W x 33” D x 70” H

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