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156-0127 Vulcan 30 Gallon Manual Tilt Braising Pan

  • This unit features a high-efficiency, high-output, 30-32 gallon design that allows you to create large batches of seared, grilled, sauteed, or simmered foods without the mess and inefficiency of stockpots and ranges.

    The 9 kW flat firebar elements are mounted to the outside of the steel bottom plate for even heat distribution and a spring-assisted hinged stainless steel cover is included to help contain heat and steam.

    It tilts completely with approximately 30 revolutions and the pouring spout with a removable strainer directs food into your hotel pans or food storage containers placed on the included receiving pan supports.

    Integrally-mounted solid state temperature controls, located on the front of the unit in the control housing for easy access, offer a 50-425 degree Fahrenheit range.

    Cooking surface dimensions: 43" x 25" x 9" deep pan.

    Overall dimensions: 60” W x 35” D x 40.5” H

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