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180-0043 SAVAGE Bros Tabletop Melter #0937 Mixing Kettle

  • The Savage Bros. Co. Table-Top Cooker is an electric cooker/mixer with dual digital temperature controllers for accurate cooking control and an electric scraper agitator for product stirring. The standard 220VAC 50/60Hz unit has a 3,000 watt electric heating element and a 1/6 HP agitator motor with gearbox designed for 150 inch-pounds of torque at 28 RPM.

    The cooker has a tilting cooking kettle encased in a stainless steel cylinder. Within the cylinder is the electric heating element formed to fit the kettle bottom and a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the kettle skin. A second temperature sensor is mounted along the agitator shaft and monitors the product temperature. With the dual temperature controllers and sensors, both product and kettle temperatures can be monitored and controlled.

    All Stainless Steel sanitary construction

    3KW / Programmable Multi-Voltage 208-240VAC

    Single Phase / 50-60Hz / 16 Amps

    16”x23” footprint / 22”x30” with controls

    Optimum cooking capacity of 20 lb / 9 kg batches

    Cycle time for full batch of most candies is 20 to 60 minutes

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