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Customer is responsible for freight charges. Please note: if you would like to place an order, please call or email.  Orders cannot be properly processed on this site. Thank you.

42-0178 Traulsen TD078HT-1 78” Self Contained Full Service Seafood Cooler Case

  • Self-Contained. Bottom Mounted Compressor.

    Two door refrigerated space on the back fits (5) Tray Slides for 18" x 26" Sheet Pans Per Door.

    This unit features a display well which runs the length of the unit, letting you show your products on ice for a crisp, clean presentation.

    Included, adjustable dividers allow you to divide the well into several sections for different products, and an included drain valve funnels water runoff as needed.

     For maximum food safety, an alarm alerts your staff of high/low temperatures, evaporator coil and discharge line sensor failures, and when it is time to clean the condenser.

    Dimensions: 77 ¼” W x 38” D x 59 1/8”H

    Cases are being sold AS-IS.

    2 available. Please note price reflects per case.

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