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55-0046 Culinary Combi Electric Mini Rotating Rack Oven with Proofer

  • Culinary Combi Mini Rack - Electric Rotating Electric Oven with Proofer

    Designed for baking & cooking for high production. Oven has a small foot print. Will fit through 36” Door with modular design. Fits standard 18” x 26” size pans, 10-12 pan standard. 6-20 pan capacity available. Built in high capacity steam system and full height viewing glass in oven. This oven has a Built-in rotating rack for even bake and complete stainless interior and exterior.

    Hood included. Oven has digital memory presets for recipes and Control panel features thermostat, bake and steam timers. Internal baking chamber light.
    One year parts/labor warranty 24/7 Nationwide Servicev Guaranteed bake even air flow rotation rack system
    6 pan capacity/6.6" spacing
    8 pan capacity/5" spacing
    15 pan capacity/2.6" spacing
    20 pan capacity/2" spacing
    Stainless steel stand with pan slides
    Proof Box Features:
    Fully Automatic
    10 pan capacity
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