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59-0018 Bizerba Industrial slicer A550

  • Bizerba Slicer. 2013. Unique in its class - fully automatic slicer with integrated weighing technology for portioning and weighing of individual slices

    The Bizerba slicer A550 offers maximum flexibility and efficiency as well as decorative slice depositing and portioning to precise weights of any product. Product remnants are minimized and overweight in target weight portions reduced by up to 15 % – for equalized as well as for naturally grown products. This is possible thanks to the unique weighing process during slicing.

    Capabilities: Stacking, Slicing, Fanning. Product Range Size: Round: 1.6-7.1 inches, Height: 1.2-7.1 inches, Width: 2-8.3 inches. Maximum Length: 23.6 inches. Slice thickness: 0.02-2 inches,  blade diameter: 16.5 inches, stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic construction. Approximate overall dimensions: 92"L x 32"W x 72" H.