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75-0033 Nu-Vu UB-E4/8 Oven-Proofer

  • Fully insulated

    Control panel accessible through front and top of unit

    Heating elements accessible inside of cabinet and through top

    V-AIR ® technology

    Overflow drain and pan

    Separate heat and humidity controls for proofer

    Manual fill proofer

    Oven temperature up to 425 degrees

    Proofer holds 8 full size (18" x 26") sheet pans - Oven holds 4 full size sheet pans

    Power:  Ph 3/Volts 208/Hz 60/Amps 27

    Dimensions:  73- 1/2” H x 30-1/8” W x 36” D

    Tested to be in good working condition