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75-0091 Cleveland 36-CEM-24 Classic Convection Steamer

  • Cooking Capacity for up to six 12” x 20” x 2 ½” deep cafeteria Pans

    Pressureless cooking with forced convection steam, permitting doors to be opened while cooking continues

    Each compartment is equipped with a 60 minute mechanical timer, separate bypass switch for constant steaming and a cold water condenser for superior cooking results

    Separate Main Power Switch for “On/Off”

    Automatic Generator Drain at shutdown: Contains a “Water Jet” Spray Rinse Cleaning Cycle to keep drain clear.

    Automatic Water Level Control System with Low Water Power Cut-off Circuit.

    Voltage: 208/240V. Phase: 3. Amps: 103.4/100.

    Dimensions: 35.5” W x 40” D x 62” H

    Tested to be in good working condition

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