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8-0007 Mixer Lifter

  • Capable of safely lifting full mixing bowls, the Automatic Electric Bowl Lift is designed to increase the efficiency of your kitchen while saving your
    workers time and energy. Easily operated by one person, the unit can lift,
    tilt, and pour loads up to 440lbs. With its streamlined, versatile design, the
    Automatic Electric Bowl Lift will become an integral part of your industrial
    -Heavy-duty steel construction capable of lifting loads up to 440lbs.
    -Electric hydraulic pump and cylinder design lifts loads up to a height of
    61.8" (1570 mm).
    -Arms adjust to accommodate Hobart 60, 80, and 140 qt mixing bowls.
    -Support frame latches directly onto bowls - no additional hardware
    required to attach, lift, and tilt.
    -Powered by a 12-volt DC battery that lasts up to 100 lifts with a single
    -Simple, efficient design enables easy transportation of loads.
    · Easily operated by one person
    · Lifts and tilts loads from heights up to 5 feet
    · No power cords necessary for operation, allowing for efficient
    transportation of loads.
    · Easy to clean and maintain
    · Unit designed to accommodate 60, 80, and 140 quart mixing bowls
    · Unit is self-contained—no additional hardware required for lifting and


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