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8-0057 Berto Italia Overturnable Spiral Mixer, Model 160AR

  • Berto Italia Overturnable Spiral Mixer, Model 160AR, Specifications: Model: 160AR, SN: 759, Electrical: 220V / 60Hz, Dough Capacity: 130Kg, Flour Capacity: 100Kg/220lbs, Bowl Volume: 260L/68.7Gal, Bowl Diameter: 850mm/33.5″, Floor to bowl rim height: 1140mm/44.9″, Power of spiral 1st speed: 7,5Kw/10HP, Power of spiral 2nd speed: 10,5Kw/14HP, Bowl Power: 0,75Kw/1HP, Hydraulic Power: 1,1Kw/1,5HP, Max Width: 1900mm/75″, Max Length: 2150mm/84.6″, Max Height: 3265mm/128.5″, Max overall height: 3340mm/131.5″, Max discharge height: 2020mm/79.5″, Base width: 1110mm/43.7″, Machine Weight: 1720Kg/3784lbs