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8-0072 Oliver Gravity Feed Bread Slicer Model 797 w/ 32″ Chute

  • Key Features

    • Ideal for volume slicing needs of small wholesale, large retail and in-store bakeries
    • Blade advantages:
      • Uses the lowest cost replacement blades in the industry, contributing to low cost of ownership-Easily replaceable, independently mounted, rust-resistant blades
      • Blades replacement only takes one hour of labor, the lowest in the industry
    • Handles up to 200 loaves per hour
    • Designed for trouble-free, smooth and quiet operation – rust and corrosion resistant
    • 32″ Feed Chute
    • Combi unit allows for production slicing and on-demand slicing


    • Motor: 0.5HP/1Phase/60Hz/115V/7Amps
    • Loaf Size: Accepts loaves up to 16″L x 5″H
    • Finish: S/S contact components and food safe materials throughout
    • Slice Spacing: 1/2″
    • Dimensions: 56-1/2″ H x 23-3/4″ W x 37-1/2″ D
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