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We match buyers and sellers with good, used, refurbished and new supermarket equipment.  We work with dealers and supermarkets all over the country.  If you have something to sell, or have a need for anything in your supermarket, please contact us.

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Melody Kanis
Owner / Sales

If there is anything that you are looking for in the used market please let me know.  I work with dealers and supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants all over the country.  We connect buyers to sellers of equipment.  Some of this comes from dealers, and some from grocery stores that just aren't using the equipment anymore.  In order for a supermarket to be able to let us market the equipment it must be in working condition.  If not I will help them sell it to a dealer.  I have been helping retailers find the equipment they need for the past 8 years.  What are you in need of right now? 

Ryan Kanis
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"I believe in giving credit and feedback,  when it is due.  There is a woman that has been calling me once a day or every other day just to check on me, to make sure I was getting service and being taken care of.  She is awesome and a very good worker just from the little time I spoke to her.

Your service/repair department you have is also great, they stayed on the phone with me and diagnosed the problem.

They are also sending me the parts to fix the machine myself, I told them there is no reason for them to travel down here, I am mechanically inclined to be able to fix it.

I will recommend your company when I am asked about where to find equipment.

When I am in need of any more I will reach out to you."

"Although our company has only been in contact with Grocery Equipment Sales for a short time, we have found their representative, Travis Glashower to be very knowledgeable, responsive, and personable. Going forward, as needs arise, I will not hesitate to call upon Travis and Grocery Equipment Sales."

Jim Dunn
Ira Higdon Grocery Company

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