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167-0025 Vulcan Hart VG260 Gas Range with Oven

  • Six 26,000 BTU/hr. cast top burners with lift-off burner heads. Individual pilot for each burner.

    12" x 24" aeration plates and removable 12" x 12" top grates finished with matte black porcelain.

    24" wide raised griddle/broiler on the right. 30,000 BTU/hr. input. Three manual control valves.

    Full width pull-out crumb trays under burners.

    Two 35,000 BTU/hr. standard ovens measure 2622"d x 141/"h. Thermostats adjust from 150° to 500°F. One2oven rack and two rack positions per oven.

    3/4” rear gas connection and gas pressure regulator.

    Tested to be in good working condition.

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