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170-0008 Dadaux Icone 700 Bacon Chop Cutter

  • New

    Entirely stainless steel

    Smooth or semi‐sawtooth or micro‐saw-toothed cutter

    2 speeds: 98 - 196 cuts / minute

    Loading magazine: 9.8” x 7.1” x 28.3”

    Adjustment of thickness of slices from 0 to 80 mm (Even during the cut)

    Sliced products: Meat with and without bone, delicatessen, fish

    Can accommodate product with or without the bone

    Hydraulic advance system

    2 Feed system step by step and continuous

    Automatic return of pousse-talon

    Adapted to the high-pressure cleaning

    French manufacturing

    Conforms with the C.E. standards


    Dimensions: 70” W x 36.25” D x 57” H

    1 Year Parts Guarantee

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