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170-0010 Dadaux Icone 1100 Chop Cutter

  • New

    Entirely in stainless steel 18-10

    Smooth or semi‐sawtooth or micro‐saw-toothed cutter

    Loading magazine: 7.9” x 9” x 42.1”

    2 speeds: 90 or 180 taps/min thickness of slices adjustable from 0 to 90mm

    Sliced products: Meat with and without bone, delicatessen, fish

    Hydraulic or electric advance system

    2 system of cutting: Step by step pushing system or continue

    Possibility to adjust the thickness of slice being cut

    Automatic return with programmable carriage travel

    Adapted to high pressure cleaning

    Complies with CE norms


    Dimensions: 93.46” W x 32” D x 53.55” H

    1 Year Parts Guarantee

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