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171-0071 1 HP Walk In Cooler Condensing Refrigeration System

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    Application: Outdoor

    Compressor Type: Scroll

    Compressor P/N: ZS09KAE-PFV

    Operating Range: Medium Temperature

    Voltage: 208-230/1/60

    Cabinet: C1

    Refrigerant Type: R-404A/ R-507A/ R-407A/ R-407C/ R-448A/ R-449A

    Condenser Coil Type: Microchannel Coil

    Performance Data:          

    Rating Point °F: 25°F SST 95°F Ambience

    Capacity (BTUH): 12,200

    Base AWEF: Adaptive Defrost AWEF

    R-404A/ 507A: 7.6          

    R-448A: 7.6

    R-449A: 7.6       

    R-407A: 7.6       

    R-407C: 7.6       

    Air Defrost (intelliGen™/Beacon II™)

    MCA: 15

    MOPD: 20

    Evap. Fans: 5

    Elec. Htrs: 15

    Electric Defrost

    MCA: 20

    MOPD: 25

    Evap. Fans: 5

    Elec. Htrs: 15

    Capacity (BTUH) for Refrigerant Type R-404a is 12200

    Capacity (BTUH) for Refrigerant Type R-448a is 9700

    3-year parts warranty

    6-year compressor warranty

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