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82-0049 Hobart 4246 Mixer Grinder

  • 208 volts, 3 phase ■ 140 lb. hopper capacity, 55 to 60 lb. per minute output ■ Exclusive WEDGE cylinder insures full rate feeding for the entire batch ■ 5 H.P. grind motor ■ 1 H.P. mix motor ■ Grinder hooper constructed of glass bead finished stainless steel ■ Stainless steel panels enclose the base assembly and motors; mixing arm and conveyor screw are tinned, end ring and cylinder are stainless steel ■ Nickel chrome plated legs ■ Up-front, easy-to-reach controls ■ Easily converted hopper lid for right or left side hopper loading CAPACITY: The 4246 Mixer-Grinder hopper has meat capacity up to 140 pounds depending on the type of product. The grinding rate is 55 to 60 pounds of fresh boneless beef per minute, first or second cutting through a 1 ⁄8" plate; 60 to 65 pounds of pork per minute second cutting through a 3 ⁄16" plate. FEEDING SYSTEM: The 4246 is powered by two separate drive systems. A 1 H.P. motor drives the heavy-duty steel mixing arm. The arm rotates at 23 rpm and can easily be removed from the hopper for cleaning. The conveyor screw extends the full length of the hopper and the cylinder. The screw rotates at a speed of 194 rpm and it is driven by a 5 H.P. motor in the standard unit; the heavy-duty unit is a 71 ⁄2 H.P. motor. By depressing the MIX/GRIND START button both the mixing arm and the screw are operated. Both mixing and grinding are stopped when the STOP switch is depressed.